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Niagara Industries - New Titan tankless water heater release

The New Titan N-140 Digital Electronic Tankless Water Heater

30th Anniversary model

Niagara Industries Inc, has provided for Three decades "state of the art" excellence in the design, development and marketing of Electronic Tankless Water Heaters. The results of this experience has been outstanding improvements in their performance, effciency and reliability.

One such example is our newest version of out line of Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heaters  Series.  The new Titan-N-140 patented digital control system technology. The NEW Titan-N-140 DIGITAL system displays real time usage and efficiency information to the user. There is no more guessing, now you can know what amount of power (voltage, amperage and even kilowatts) you are actually using from your Titan-SCR4 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater. Among all these feature the New Titan-SCR2 Series also features a new outlet temperature display feature that allows you to see and control the units outlet temperature.   

TITAN the name by which all other tankless water heaters are measured.