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Niagara Industries - New Titan tankless water heater release

The new Titan Digital Electronic Tankless Water Heater

Niagara Industries has been at the forefront of electronic tankless water heating technologies for almost three decades, with its introduction of its legendry Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heater to its new design, development and manufacture of the series of digital tankless water heaters. Niagara Industries dedicated research and development team comprise years of experience in the science of tankless water heater technology or what we call "Tanklessology" We are always striving for perfection on every aspect of the product we design and manufacture, that is why it gives us great pleasure to unveil the next generation model in the highly successful TitanSCR-3 line of units.

The newer redesigned model adds addition-heating technology that will extend the life of the unit. The New TitanSCR-3 also has a feature not found on other tankless water heaters. The unit will still display real time voltage, wattage, amperage and energy usage but it will now incorporate a digital temperature readout that will allow the user to see the actual outlet temperature and also will let the user set the unit to their desired savings level. This together bundled in a new stylist enclosure make the TitanSCR-3 the ideal choice for your home. We believe that you're Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heater should work for you, not only supplying you with endless hot water but give you the maximum savings possible. The Titan SCR-3 does just that.Where others have failed Niagara Industries has succeeded. Where others have given up Niagara Industries has forged forward. Where others have closed their doors Niagara Industries continues to go strong and will in the years to come. Niagara Industries will continue to pioneer in the field of tankless water heating technology. Founded on principles, built on integrity and customer focus, Niagara Industries continues to move forward as one of the leader in Electronic Tankless Water Heater technology.

TITAN the name by which all other tankless water heaters are measured.